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My name is John Adams and I am a business coach and trainer. I work with you to increase your awareness and choices, so you can set meaningful goals and get the results you truly want. I will challenge you to learn and think differently.


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I am here for you and your business — every step of the way.

Here’s how I can help you improve various aspects of your business through coaching.


Understand how marketing concepts work and approach your marketing tasks efficiently.


Learn how to deal with managerial tasks to achieve the set goals for your business.


Establish powerful leadership in your company’s team through coaching.


Handle your financial challenges easily with professional coaching by Lead Planner.

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Increase the consumer interest and discover how to successfully generate leads.

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Turn a potential customer into a real and regular one in just a few simple steps.

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At Lead Planner, I strive to help you achieve ambitious goals and reach new heights just by focusing on what’s important for you.

An experienced business coach can easily help you get more from your business by setting clear goals and planning your actions on the way to success.

As a professional and highly experienced business coach, I will be glad to guide you towards new goals for both you and your team. By ensuring the geometric growth of your business, you can push your company to the limit in order to get what you want.

John Adams

Business coach, founder of Lead Planner

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My clients appreciate the provided guidance and assistance I offer along the way to help them become stronger leaders and unlock the full potential of their businesses. Read their latest testimonials below.

I help millions of owners create a business that works flawlessly