Welcome to your new web site.

This HTML package is designed to fit a wide variety of businesses.
We've included the following:

A High-quality design
A 13 page web template
A page template
Flash Animation
Extra buttons
Lots of tips and help
This HTML use an editable Flash movie. you can replace the text in Flash movie with you own text without Flash program

You can change the text of the flash movie without Flash program.
A file where to modify the Flash text: input.txt

How to edit the text of the flash movie.
1. Open the text file.

2. You can view the following codes.
t1=Welcome to your company name
&t2=Your company slogan

(If there is incorrect code in the text file, change the codes as shown above)

3. Replace Welcome to your company name, Your company slogan with your own text.
t1=Welcome to your company name
&t2=Your company slogan

Please do not leave any space before and after "&" in the codes

Getting Started:
Visit our Site Map to see what pages are included in this template.
You can then decide what pages you want to add, delete, rename, or rearrange.

To modify this page, simply delete this sample text and replace with your own.

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